Mother’s Ruin: 16

January 19, 2019

In this show we complete the gin glossary from N-Z. What does ‘nose’ mean, what is ‘vacuum distillation’, and who was Zosimos of Panopolis? Find out this week. We also have an interview with the head distiller at Newcastle Gin, and in battle of the gins we pitch two old toms against each other.


Mother’s Ruin:15

January 12, 2019

Some jargon-busting in store in this episode, as we cover part one of the A-Z gin glossary. We also interview Suzy Hobbs of Mr Hobbs gin, and we have a brand new section - battle of the gins - in which Elephant gin battles it out with Durham gin.


Mother’s Ruin: 14

January 5, 2019

This week we revisit the topic of gin and crime, as we head to prohibition America, and learn about bathtub gin, speakeasys, wiseguys and bootlegging. We also make Al Capone’s favourite cocktail, the Southside Gin Fizz, plus all the latest gin news.


Mother’s Ruin: 13

December 29, 2018

Join us as we interview none other than Sam Galsworthy, co-founder of the great Sipsmith brand. We also explore gin's relationship with literature, and how it affected the lives of some of the greatest 20th century writers. 


Mother’s Ruin: 12

December 22, 2018

More festive fun in store this week with a quick Christmas tasting, plus we show you how to make your own colour-changing gin at home. We also explore the origins of gin and booze-related words and phrases, including 'mother's ruin', 'tonic' and 'drunk as a newt'. 


Mother’s Ruin: 11

December 15, 2018

Mother’s Ruin returns in time for Christmas. This week we explore gin’s relationship with religion, spirituality and the supernatural. Plus we have some incredible gin-related gift ideas, and the latest gin news.


Mother’s Ruin: 10

July 14, 2018

In the final episode of this season (back soon), Mat takes the Great Big Gin Quiz, plus we visit the Poetic License distillery, taste some homemade infusions with guest Katherine Tanney and play some disastrous outtakes. 


Mother’s Ruin: 09

July 7, 2018

This episode takes a look at the history of cocktails from their early beginnings to prohibition and James Bond. We also discover Osmoz grape gin via the Craft Gin Club's monthly box of delights, and we have the final of the Tin Gin World Cup. 


Mother’s Ruin: 08

June 30, 2018

Join us to take a look at some of the fascinating fables behind gin bottles, gin labels and gin names. Matthew takes a quiz to test his knowledge on the subject, plus we have the semi-finals of the Tin Gin World Cup featuring Gavin Webster, and we put Ginfusions garnish packs to the test. 


Mother’s Ruin: 07

June 23, 2018

Gin has been linked with some of the most heinous crimes in British history. But was gin really to blame, or were there more complex factors at play? This week we also hold the quarter final of the Tin Gin World Cup alongside comedian and whiskey drinker Gavin Webster, whom we try to convert to gin while trying some ready-mixed tinned gins.